We provide insights to unlock complex strategic initiatives. Our partnership based approach and fully configurable technology empowers leaders to execute data driven innovation with confidence.

Organisations come to us when off-the-shelf solutions cannot guide their strategic initiatives. Our bespoke application of AI, simulation and data science delivers the insights needed for transformative innovation. You can trust our exceptional team with your exceptional challenges, no matter how complex.

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“What we're able to do is really assess potential outcomes on various scenarios in a very structured and systematic way”

Luis Rivas

Luis Rivas

Global Lead, Digital Design and Execution


Key benefits

Delivering long term value


Use network science and scenario exploration to improve emissions tracking, helping you enhance reporting, align with regulation and reach Net Zero faster.


Overcome disruptions and manage uncertainty. Our digital tools for resilience deliver a range of probabilistic plans that enable your supply chain to thrive when disruption strikes.


Gain newfound insights for supply chain optimisation, driving improved CX, reduced costs and transformative ROI.

What makes Hack and Craft different?

Easy Integration

Our technology is designed to complement your existing tools and will provide a strategic lens on top of systems you already have in place. Whether you're using SAP, Oracle or Blue Yonder, our technology has a composable architecture which will extend and add value to your existing systems.

Shorter Time to Value

Competitor solutions require complex configuration and integration phases. Our proven technology is designed to enable rapid onboarding so customers start to see the value in hours and days rather than months or even years.

Transformative ROI

Our partnership based approach enables us to solve your most complex problems in a way that off the shelf solutions can’t. The insights from our customised models reveal transformative ways for you to optimise your supply chain and reduce costs. This is how we helped our client Brambles’ CHEP, the world’s largest logistics network, save millions of dollars.

Proven World Leading Tech

Developed in collaboration with leading academics from diverse fields such as Biology and Finance, our technology has transformed some of the most complex supply chains in the world. This includes Chep, who run the largest global pallet network and is a super set of the world’s supply chain.

Empowering the world’s largest logistics network with data science

We built a digital twin for Brambles’ CHEP, who provide logistics for an estimated 80% of the world’s consumer goods. CHEP needed to balance the risk and reward of an asset serialisation initiative, but couldn’t find a tool on the market that would help them do this. We delivered a digital twin to reveal the insights CHEP needed to drive their strategic initiative forward, which ultimately increased efficiency, resilience and cost effectiveness across their global supply chain.

We work in partnership with our clients to solve the most complex problems in supply chain and logistics with world leading technology and an exceptional team of data scientists and innovators.

“Hack and Craft has a depth of expertise, but the key item is a true interest in understanding the complexities of our business”

Luis Rivas

Luis Rivas

Global Lead, Digital Design and Execution


“H&C made a strong contribution to the development of our digital services and certainly will have a big impact on the future business of Schneider”

Yannick Neyret

Yannick Neyret

Innovation Director

Schneider Electric

“One of the interesting things about H&C’s methodology is how it ultimately blurs the lines between two organisations”

Michael Cramb

Michael Cramb

SVP Corporate Development

RS Components

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