H&C's Culture and Values

While writing a series of articles about H&Cs methodology, I realised that our success lies in our culture. Methodology without culture is like an engine without fuel.

  • By Harry McCarney
  • 4 min read

So, before posting the first article in the series on methodology, here is a brief overview of what makes H&C tick.


We are motivated by impact. Many organisations equate professionalism with a detached and formal way of working. Hack and Craft is different. We are driven by an intense passion for our craft and bring this sense of purpose to everything we do. We believe our technology can tilt the world towards a more sustainable and liberated future.


We define our own standard of quality. Good enough for the market is not good enough for us. Our productivity depends on the motivation of our people. They work at their best when striving for a level of quality beyond what the market will accept. This enables us to build better products faster and more efficiently.


All collaboration depends on trust. Without trust our energies are diverted away from shared goals. Trust reduces the need for bureaucracy and wasteful layers of non-productive administration. Trust is what makes our teams exceptional and our partnerships dynamic.


H&C was founded in 2012 within the vibrant multiculturalism of Berlin. We are now a distributed company with people spread throughout the world. Our mutual passion for ideas and flat hierarchy has created a diverse but unifying culture. This transcends race, nationality, sexuality, gender and religion. It reduces groupthink and ensures we remain reflective and hungry.


H&C is proud to be bootstrapped. We have grown organically without external investment. This has enabled us to remain true to our values and put the long term flourishing of the company and its people first. This independent spirit is also reflected in our energetic and resourceful approach to challenges.

A company is bound together by shared values. Until now we haven’t written these simple principles down.

However, it’s clear that they have sustained us through challenging times and continue to make H&C a uniquely fulfilling place to be.