Hack and Craft showcases digital twins at Connected Places Summit 2024

We recently attended Connected Places Catapult’s annual Summit, which brings together innovators from industry, academia and government. It was a pleasure to present how our digital twins are solving some of the world’s most critical logistics challenges.

  • By Beth Walker
  • 3 min read

Connected Places Summit 24 took place in London last week, bringing together influential figures from industry, academia and government. We were honoured to present our digital twins to some of the UK’s senior transport, logistics and supply chain leaders at Connected Places Catapult’s flagship event.

From start to finish, this inspirational summit emphasised the need for a future-forward approach to place innovation. Erika Lewis, newly appointed CEO of Connected Places Catapult, and the whole CPC team should be proud of how this event successfully united each of its attendees in a shared vision for a more sustainable, better connected future.

Across the two days, leaders in transportation, logistics and supply chain learnt more about the areas in which they should strive for improvement. Read on for some of our key takeaways:


A recurrent theme of the summit was that optimisation isn’t just about efficiency, it also covers resilience and sustainability. In keeping with the motif of connected places, we should view sustainability as a journey, and Net Zero as the destination.

The summit showcased much innovation that will no doubt accelerate our shared journey towards Net Zero. We were pleased to share how our digital twins can guide strategic sustainability initiatives, such as enabling circular economy, using alternative fuels and reducing emissions across complex transport and logistics networks.


As the world around us becomes ever more volatile, it is paramount that our infrastructure can manage uncertainty and withstand the impacts of disruption.

This was the focus of many discussions we had at the summit, particularly with leaders in transport and logistics who know how unforeseen disruptions can have catastrophic cascading effects not only on their networks, but also their customers.

We must accept that uncertainty is the only certainty, which is why many delegates were interested in how our digital twins enable probabilistic planning. By helping supply chain and logistics leaders to manage uncertainty, we ensure they deliver excellent customer value and meet their desired KPIs when disruption inevitably strikes.


The summit presented many creative ideas on how to solve the country’s most critical infrastructure and transportation problems.

However, a common challenge is that the leaders behind these fantastic initiatives must decide on the optimal path to take to unlock their desired innovation, while also balancing the risk and reward of their project.

Our digital twins and data science solutions guide strategic decision making, empowering leaders with the insights they need to unlock innovation. The insights we deliver have saved our clients millions and helped them push strategic initiatives forwards for improvements in resilience, efficiency and sustainability.

The success of Connected Places Summit 24

Overall, this was a truly inspiring event which has no doubt catalysed many cross-industry collaborations with potential to shape the future. It was also a pleasure to meet members of the Digital Twin Hub community, many of which recalled the recent Gemini Call presentation of our Managing Director, Harry McCarney.

We are so pleased we could be a part of the summit, and recognise how valuable the Connected Places Catapult is to driving change for the world of tomorrow.