Hack & Craft’s latest company meetup in Izmir

Our engineering teams recently met in the Turkish coastal town of Alaçatı, Izmir for several days of leisurely socialisation and scenic surroundings. Being an entirely remote company allows us to hire world-class talent, bringing together a variety of perspectives and personalities. However, we strongly believe in the importance of regularly uniting the teams for in-person meetups.

  • By Beth Walker
  • 4 min read

Our engineers flew from all over the world to gather in Turkey. Across the few days, we explored the colourful, cobbled streets of Alaçatı, walked alongside the coastline of the stunning Aegean Sea and even discovered a hot spring!

We also had a poolside meeting to evaluate our current ways of working and how we can all be more productive. It was great to see everyone eagerly engaged on this and it is a testament to our mission of striving for continuous improvement at Hack and Craft.

Our Connect and Optimise teams then split to discuss how we can implement new innovation into our connectivity and data science initiatives, while members of our Marketing, Design and Finance teams discussed the upcoming Data Science in F# conference that we are co-hosting with FsLab later this year in Berlin.

Allowing our global engineers to come together for these in-person meetings catalyses new ideas which inform our upcoming Connect and Optimise projects, instilling new motivation in our engineering teams to test the boundaries of digital innovation. These discussions are what make these trips memorable, meaningful and worthwhile.

The trip ended with our Turkish colleagues continuing to show us the highlights of their national hospitality. Overall, this fantastic meet-up on the Turkish coastline has spurred new levels of innovation and creativity. With some exciting projects coming up this year, for clients both new and old, we look forward to continuing to deliver technology that shapes the future of the world’s most critical industries.