Multimodal 2024: Presenting our technology for supply chain resilience & sustainability

We were recently invited to Multimodal, the UK’s biggest supply chain and logistics expo. Across the 3 days, we shared how our simulation and scenario exploration technology enables supply chain and logistics leaders to make better strategic decisions, manage uncertainty and unlock transformative ROI.

  • By Nourin Zia
  • 3 min read

Multimodal 2024 took place at the NEC in Birmingham. The 3-day event brought together leaders from global organisations, government, SMEs and startups to discuss the future of all things supply chain, with tracks for road, rail, air and sea, as well as logistics, warehouse storage and distribution.

Having delivered innovative solutions across all of these verticals, it was great to see some familiar faces and hear about current challenges and opportunities. We particularly enjoyed the panel talks and discussion sessions on freeports, digital logistics and sustainability.

Technology for optimised networks

We presented how our custom simulation and scenario exploration solutions empower supply chain and logistics leaders to drive complex strategic initiatives forwards.

The insights we deliver enable innovation projects centred around uncertainty management, reaching Net Zero targets, disruption mitigation, as well as optimising passenger experience, costs, connectivity, safety and maintenance operations.

A key theme of the event was “Modal Shift” - the shift of goods transportation from one mode to another. This will future-proof networks, enhance sustainability and reduce supply chain costs. Transformative business value can be derived from strategic modal transitions, resulting in more resilient and sustainable logistics operations. The insights from our models guide, de-risk and ensure significant ROI for these transitions; read how we simulated CHEP’s global pallet network, enabling their asset serialisation initiative and saving them over $16 million USD.

Read on to discover our key takeaways from this inspiring event:

Advancing resilience

The cascade effects of geopolitical uncertainties disrupt global trade on a daily basis, causing supply chain and logistics networks to lose value. Panellists stressed the importance of network resilience; relying on a single hub or port can be catastrophic for the entire supply chain if it is hit when disruption inevitably strikes.

We are working with a number of global supply chain logistics leaders, delivering simulation and scenario exploration solutions to help them manage uncertainty and ensure value isn’t lost when disruptions strike. It was great to share these case studies with attendees who recognised the importance of investing in supply chain resilience.

De-risking innovation and driving sustainability

Throughout the event, much discourse centred around digital solutions being critical to successfully meeting Net Zero goals and deadlines.

We enjoyed hearing about the steps being taken across the industry to drive this change, but there is still a long way to go. It was great to speak with sustainability leaders about their initiatives for decarbonisation, using alternative fuels, adopting a circular economy and reducing emissions across their networks. We’re excited to see where these conversations lead post-event.

The power of collaboration

The key message of the event was that collaboration is crucial for innovating and optimising supply chain and logistics networks. Leaders will see quick and transformative value from a partnership-led approach to innovation, whereby they can harness the agility and expertise that solution providers offer.

If you are a supply chain or logistics leader looking to optimise your network and overcome its unique challenges and complexities, you should hear some more about our custom solutions.

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