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Bonaverde – Coffee changers
personJosie Thaddeus‐Johns eventNov 29, 2013

Bonaverde – Coffee changers

It’s a common gripe of the modern world that it’s impossible to find products that don’t destroy your body or your soul by using them. Well, Hack & Craft was lucky enough to work with one that does neither. A few months back, we created the website for Bonaverde, otherwise known as “coffee changers”, who have made it their mission to create the world’s first all-in-one, roast-grind-brew coffee machine.

Let’s break it down: coffee is currently delivered to us pre-roasted, via huge corporations that screw over farmers, in a way that makes it taste substandard. So what Bonaverde have done is design a machine that solves all of these problems in one. Instead of using pre-roasted beans, the machine is loaded with green beans – freshly picked – which don’t go through the usual 17 (yes, really!) steps before they reach you. As you purchase your freshly picked beans from the farmer, you can buy straight from the people who have something to sell, and as a bonus, you’re getting them in a better condition than you would if you bought it from a big coffee company. No-brainer, right?

Source: BonaVerde

Once the green beans are yours, they’re roasted, ground and brewed in one go, using the machine Bonaverde have created (they went through 135 prototypes, so you know it’s gonna be good!). The roasting only takes 3-4 minutes, so well within your emergency caffeine delivery window.

Their funding efforts have been wildly successful, reaching their funding goal within just 15 hours, and they’re onto their third stretch goal already. It’s really heartening to see projects we really believe in succeed so magnificently.

Source: BonaVerde

Bonaverde, we raise a cup of the steaming hot black stuff to you!

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