When the Roll Out phase is complete, our solutions immediately start to deliver value and must be maintained and supported. Our approach enables organisations to benefit from next-generation technology and world-class software engineering without needing to build internal teams.

Our clients own the IP of the solution but we offer to maintain the solution like a SaaS platform. This enables our clients to maximise the benefits of scale without linear cost increases. Our model delivers the power of a bespoke solution with the speed to market and cost effectiveness of SaaS.

Guaranteed Uptime

IP-Based Competitive Advantage

Proven ROI

Evolving Foundation

Guaranteed uptime

During Continuous delivery we offer a service level agreement guaranteeing industry leading uptime. Our ISO certified architecture runs some of the largest industrial installations in the world. This robust backbone enables our solutions to become mission critical infrastructure for our clients and provide a foundation for future innovation.

IP based competitive advantage

Our solutions are always configurations of proven components from the Industry Cloud. Each configuration is unique and our clients own the intellectual property to the solution. This gives them a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Proven ROI

During Continuous Delivery we provide a reporting suite which demonstrates and tracks the impact of the solution. This proves ROI and enables strategic decisions to made to maximise business value.

Evolving foundation

Effective solutions must fit snugly with the evolving context in which they operate. Continuous Delivery ensures that the system is regularly updated to ensure that it remains compatible with the rapidly changing technical landscape. This could be small changes to ensure compatibility with new browser versions or cloud updates. It also includes enforcing world class security in the face of evolving threats. Most importantly we ensure the solution, and supporting team, provide a foundation for future innovation.

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