We are a proven partner for organisations wishing to roll out our technologies to very large user groups and geographies. Many of our solutions began as prototypes in our Design phase and have become industry leading global platforms.

During the Roll Out Phase H&C teams and clients work closely together to make sure the solution lands successfully. We break down work during Roll Out into the following areas.

Drive Adoption

Refine The Solution

Scale Up

Drive adoption

We take an active role in helping clients to position solutions for maximum impact with both internal and external users. Change management is an essential part of the introduction of new systems so it's critical that the value of the tool is communicated effectively beyond the immediate stakeholders. We assist with this though a practical approach including training, workshops and online courses. We also provide regular reporting to highlight the value the tool is generating for its users.

Refine the solution

Our roots are in Lean startup methodology, using market feedback data to steer a product towards market fit. To do this we launch early and rapidly react to feedback from users in an operational environment. This iterative approach applies learnings from each incremental stage of the Roll Out to widening circles of users and geographies.

Scale up

We bring innovative ideas to their full potential by building scale into everything we do. We have successfully rolled out solutions across multiple continents for Schneider Electric, AkzoNobel and others. The technical architecture we use is designed to scale elastically with the user base and transaction load. Our global presence allows us to execute large scale projects with an entrepreneurial mind that maximises the return on investment for our clients.

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