Simulations to de-risk innovation and manage uncertainty.

Test assumptions, experiment and drive change.

Supply chains are complex and brittle so change is risky and expensive. We have developed unique modeling technology which enables us to explore different scenarios within your supply chains. For example, we can model the effect of creating new facilities, changing inventory policies, increased demand, updating service levels, as well as alternative logistics and capacity planning. This gives decision makers a powerful tool to prove business cases with data.

Prove the business value of proposed innovation

Many clients use simulation to steer the physical roll out of new innovations. We simulate the post innovation state and analyse the value it produces. The simulations also identify the minimum required resource to release the value from a given initiative.

Explainability and actionable insights.

Our technology is unique because it delivers explainable recommendations. A common hesitation with using models is that they can be a ‘black box’. We have developed a unique and powerful way for non technical users to define and read the rules the simulation is running. This combined with interactive visualisations makes our simulations intelligible and trustworthy.

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