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How to increase supply chain resilience in 2024

2023 saw significant changes to the world’s climate, economy and geopolitical structures. Unforeseen change and consequent disruptions are inevitable, and it is imperative that businesses prioritise resilience to survive this new market landscape. Discover how to make your supply chain more resilient in 2024.

Presenting our Digital Twins at Berlin’s leading data science conference

We recently attended Berlin’s leading data science conference. Our Managing Director, Harry McCarney, presented our digital supply chain twins and sat on a discussion panel focused on driving data science innovation.

The key to better decision-making for shipping supply chains

Our scenario modelling technology is helping leaders in shipping and logistics make quicker, insight-driven decisions for better outcomes in their complex supply chains

Why Your Company Needs a Digital Ecosystem

Customers require instant, easy access to the digital services and data infrastructure you provide. We recognise the struggles manufacturing and construction companies face with digital transformation. We’re currently seeing high demand for digital connectivity ecosystems to consolidate digital tools and maximise their value. This article explains how this can benefit your business.

Advantages of joining the circular economy

The circular economy is revolutionising the sustainability of supply chains. As we settle into a new year, construction and manufacturing companies should consider a more sustainable, cost effective future.

Effectively using data to measure product success at every stage of its lifecycle

The product lifecycle has changed indelibly, and the effective use of data is driving that change every step of the way.