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Hack & Craft’s latest company meetup in Izmir

Our engineering teams recently met in the Turkish coastal town of Alaçatı, Izmir for several days of leisurely socialisation and scenic surroundings. Being an entirely remote company allows us to hire world-class talent, bringing together a variety of perspectives and personalities. However, we strongly believe in the importance of regularly uniting the teams for in-person meetups.

Annual H&C Meetup - Rome

Recently our Connect and Optimise teams gathered at a villa just outside Rome, Italy for 5 days of discussion, workshops, and Italian hospitality. It was a marvelous and memorable week.

6 drivers of increasing demand for Digital Specification Solutions

This is the first in a series of articles on the digital innovation taking place in industry and manufacturing. I hope the articles will provide helpful perspectives on how digital solutions can help overcome some of the challenges facing the sector.

H&C's Culture and Values

While writing a series of articles about H&Cs methodology, I realised that our success lies in our culture. Methodology without culture is like an engine without fuel.

5 Reasons innovation is needed more than ever

Plato once said: “necessity is literally the mother of invention” and he continues to be correct. There is increasing evidence that the lockdown is a catalyst for a huge wave of innovation across industry, business, and everyday life.

10 rules for Distributed Agile — How H&C gets stuff done

H&C has been working from home since before it became synonymous with flattening the curve. Many companies have previously allowed employees to work from home but the need for complex systems to be built by teams of people who don’t ever physically meet is a new challenge. Hopefully this account of how H&C does this will demonstrate that Distributed Agile is not only possible, but actually more efficient than co-located teams.

Martin Peschke 1980-2018

It is with deep sadness that I must announce that Martin Peschke died of a heart attack on the 10 February 2018. He was 37 years old.